YLI Miscellaneous Goodies

YLI Miscellaneous Goodies

YLI Miscellaneous Goodies that will make your life easier. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on these products.

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  1. YLI Washaway Thread

    YLI Washaway Thread

    YLI Washaway Thread dissolves in water. Ideal for lace shaping, reverse applique etc. Available in single hang sell packs. Learn More
  2. YLI Washaway Paper

    YLI Wash-A-Way Paper

    YLI Wash-A-Way Paper. 12 pieces per pack, each A4 size. Transfer designs onto YLI Wash A Way Paper by: Drawing onto paper, Photocopying onto paper or using your bubble jet or laser printer. Ideal for Hand or Machine Embroidery, Bobbin Work, Foundation Piecing, String Piecing, and many other applications. Learn More
  3. YLI Spark Organdy - Colour Card

    YLI Spark Organdy Ribbon

    YLI Spark Organdy is made from 100% Nylon embroidery ribbon. It is a perfect compliment to YLI Silk Ribbon and provides a subtle touch of elegance on its own. Available in 20 colours and on 15 metre spools in 5mm and 9mm widths. Some colours are available in 13mm and 18mm widths and on 10 metre spools. Also available on 100 metre reels. Learn More
  4. YLI Ribbon Floss - Original

    YLI Ribbon Floss - 1. Original. 2. Shimmer Bland. 3. Metallic.

    YLI Ribbon Floss - Original is a soft braided ribbon which is easy to use and is extremely versatile. Its unique construction gives it great pliability and reduces twisting associated with other ribbon products. Can be used for fabrics and canvasses with basic stitches or elaborate needleart. Available in 3 styles : Original (45 colours), Shimmer Blend (40 colours) and Metallic (25 colours). 13.5 metre reels (15 yards). Learn More
  5. YLI Polyfil - mini king spool

    YLI Polyfil Thread

    YLI Polyfil is a 60/2 ply spun polyester thread that is very soft and ideal as a bobbin thread. Available in White and Grey. 1000 metre mini king spools. Learn More
  6. YLI Nifty Nets

    YLI Nifty Nets

    YLI Nifty Nets are a must have accessory for Machine or Hand Embroidery. Controls those fly away threads. Can be cut to any length to suit all size spools. Available in 5metre packs or 100 metre rolls. Learn More
  7. YLI Fusible Thread

    YLI Fusible Thread

    YLI Fusible Thread. Ideal for Basting, Applique, Matching Plaids and Binding Quilts. 136 metres (150 yards) on mini king spool. Clear/ White only. Learn More
  8. YLI Bunka Rayon - colour card

    YLI Bunka Rayon Thread

    YLI Bunka Rayon is available in 49 colours (based on YLI Silk Ribbon Colours). Comprising 100% rayon, and available on 8 metre cards, YLI Bunka is used extensively in Bunka Punched Embroidery and Tassel making. Learn More

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