Bargello Biscornu Designed and Stitched by Merrilyn Heazlewood.

Front and Back photos of finished project.


Following on from her profile in our last Blog, this Project by Merrilyn Heazlewood has used several different Ribbons, Threads and Needles to produce a fabulous result.

We encourage all of you to try it personally or use it for classes.

Merrilyn has given permission for the project to be used by all of our readers.

Full instructions together with photos and graphs follow .............


Bargello Biscornu - Designed and Stitched by Merrilyn Heazlewood.


Material requirements:

Canvas, Threads, Ribbons and Needles:

DMC stranded cotton:

349 Dark Orange

350 Orange

581 Green

725 Yellow

520 Dark Green

Caron Watercolours:


YLI Silk Ribbon: (Available from Cotton On Creations.)

4mm width - 1 metre of each:

2   Red

15 Yellow

60 Lime Green


18 count white interlocked - 2 pieces each 20cm x 20 cm


Tapestry 22 and 24

Crewel 8


A few handfuls of Polyfil (toy stuffing)

Button: Gold or colour of your choice.

Fray stop - very optional.



Centre each piece of canvas.

Work all stranded cotton with 6 strands unless noted otherwise.

Work the Watercolours with 1 strand, i.e. one of the 3 strands.

Work the front and the back with the tapestry 22 needle.



1. With DMC 520 work the cross stitch borders.

2. The centre row has a total of 27 stitches.

3. The outer border of the back has a total of 27 stitches in each row.

4. Once all the cross stitch is completed, fill in each quarter with scotch stitch.

5. The scotch stitch is worked with Caron Watercolour 120.

This graph above shows the green cross stitch and the start of the Scotch stitch.

Completed Back above.


6. With DMC 349, cross stitch the border, 27 x 27 cross stitches.

7. Note the extra cross stitches half way along each side.


8. From the top commence the rows of Bargello.

9. The 1st row is worked in Watercolours 120.

10. The 2nd row is worked in DMC 581.

11. The 3rd row is worked in DMC 350.

12. The 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th, 12th rows are worked in DMC 725.

13. The 5th, 7th, 9th rows are worked in Watercolours 120.

14. The 11th row is worked in DMC 350.

15. The 13th row is worked in DMC 581.

16. The 14th row is worked in Watercolours 120.

17. Fill in and compensate above the 1st row and below row 14 with Watercolours 120.

Main Front Graph.

Making up the Biscornu.

18. Cut around each design, leaving 6 canvas threads.

19. Position the 2 pieces of canvas as shown in the image below.

Note: this is only a sample of how to sit the two pieces of canvas.

20. With 3 strands of DMC 581 sew up the Biscornu with long armed cross stitch.

21. Fold the excess canvas under, you will sew the long armed cross stitch over a canvas thread from each piece.

22. When half way along the last side, fill Biscornu with toy filling.

23. With 3 strands of DMC 520 make the Biscornu shape by sewing a few firm stitches from the centre front to centre back, secure the thread off tightly.


Silk Ribbon Flower.

Read all instructions before commencing to make flowers.

24. Cut the YLI silk ribbon 14cm long, ensuring that the cut at each end is at an angle.

25. Cut 3 pieces each of red (2) and yellow (15).

26. Cut 5 pieces of Green (60).

27. You will now stitch a running stitch along the middle of the YLI silk ribbon.

28. Cut a length of yellow, green and dark orange stranded cotton 30cm long.

29. With 1 strand of matching cotton in the crewel 8 needle, work a running stitch, in the middle of the YLI silk ribbon, making the stitches about 3mm long.

30. Gather the YLI silk ribbon so that it is in the middle of the thread, no need for knots at the ends of the thread.

31. Now place the gathered YLI silk ribbons in the centre of the Biscornu.

32. Take either a red or yellow gathered YLI silk ribbon.

33. Thread both ends of cotton into the needle (you may like to use a long needle if you want to). Position the gathered YLI silk ribbon near the middle of the front, take the threads to the back, ensuring that these threads come out near the very centre cross stitch.

34. Repeat for all the red and yellow gathered YLI silk ribbon, then place the green gathered YLI silk ribbon around the red and yellow.

35. Once all gathered YLI silk ribbon is in position on the front and before you knot off all the threads at the back, you may need to slightly lift and reposition the gathering.

36. "What do I do with the cut ends?" I can hear you asking. You will find that a lot of them will tuck under the other gathers around them. You may need to trim off a little bit of a "tail" once the ribbon is secure.

37. Cutting the ribbon on an angle stops it from fraying.

38. If you are really worried about the ribbon fraying you could place some "stop fray" at the end of the ribbon. "Now you tell me" I can hear you say!  Note: I did suggest you read all instructions before commencing work with the ribbon.

39. Knot off all the threads at the back.

40. Sew the button onto the back, going from back to front a couple of times to make it secure.

Enjoy, Merrilyn.

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